Scooter Buying Guide
Scooter Buying Guide

Chassis Numbers
Always check chassis numbers these can normally be found either under the scooter, on the headstock or under the seat, check they have not been tampered with and that they match up with the logbook (v5)

Never buy a scooter without the log book (v5)
Make sure that the scooter your considering to buy has a valid v5 document, this provides detailed information about the scooter, plus the current and previous keepers.

Is there any outstanding finance on the scooter?!
If the scooter was bought with a bank loan the owner can sell it, but if you buy a scooter with hp (hire purchase) payments outstanding, the finance company could take the scooter from you.

Scooter spare key?
Try and make sure the spare key is available, replacements can be expensive on certain models.

Tax and MOT?
Ask if the scooter has tax and MOT, and how long for because it is illegal to ride it without these.

Service history and warranty?
Ask if the scooter has service history, this helps to validate the mileage and to ensure the scooter hasn’t been clocked, also find out if there is any manufactures warranty left on the scooter, and if it is transferable to the new keeper.

Bike Mileage
The average mileage should around 3000 to 5000 miles per year

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